Mr. Neil Morris, IV Degree

ITF International Instructor & Examiner


I began my journey in martial arts with style of Kung Fu known as Lau Gar, which I started at an early age.

After a break from Kung Fu I decided to try a different martial art and saw an advert for Taekwon-Do, I tried the lessons and took to it instantly.

I have been training in Taekwon-Do since 2000. Following a period of stagnation in my training under my old club, I decided to join the ITF under Master Kessler.

Since joining the Universal Martial Arts team I have become more technical and
knowledgeable in authentic Taekwon-Do. My passion has been rekindled, to the point whereby I now have the confidence and expertise to teach at my own venues.

Mr. Morris teaches at the Telford and Bridgnorth schools.

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