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Mr. James Kessler, VI

ITF International Instructor & Examiner

ITF International Umpire (Class 'A')

I began my formal Taekwon-Do training during my early teens. Like many children of my generation, I was inspired to start martial arts training by such influences as the Karate Kid and the Bruce Lee films.

Never having been especially sporty as a youngster, it came as a surprise how easily Taekwon-Do training came to me.

Over the years I have been fortunate enough to travel the world to improve my Taekwon-Do training, and have sought out the very best instruction in authentic Taekwon-Do, having trained under many prominent masters and Grand Masters - including the late General Choi Hong Hi, 9th DAN (1918-2002) The Founder of Taekwon-Do. My training has taken me to Korea, the home of Taekwon-Do on numerous occasions, and I have studied at the international training centre for ITF with Korean Grand Masters.

During my training I have achieved many accolades, including many National Tournament
titles, Three times British Champion, twice winning Black Belt Competitor of the Year, as well as the coveted ‘Instructor of the Year’ award from a major UK Taekwon-Do association.

I am perhaps best known for my flexibility and kicking techniques. I also continue to develop my interpretation of the practical applications of the traditional Taekwon-Do techniques for use in real self defence.

I currently hold the rank of 6th Degree black belt - making me Shropshire's most senior Taekwon-Do instructor.

I am regularly selected to represent England as an international umpire at both the ITF European and World Taekwon-Do Championships.

I am the Secretary General of the British Taekwon-Do Federation (BTF) and represent the group at the general meetings of the British Taekwon-Do Council (BTC) sitting along side the countries most senior Taekwon-Do representatives. In March 2013 I was made responsible for managing the social media for the BTC.

I am a qualified trainer of instructors and BTC course verifier.

I continue to place an emphasis on helping my students & their families learn together to the
highest standard – benefiting both them & their local community.

As the Principle Instructor of Universal Martial Arts I, together with my team of instructors,
continue to work to bring a greater awareness to the local community on the physical, mental and psychological
benefits of a modern Martial Arts education.

I look forward to meeting you in one of my classes soon!

Mr. Kessler teaches at the Shrewsbury venue.


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