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Universal Martial Arts :: Systems of Sparring

Taekwon-Do Sparring (Matsogi)

We teach and practice the following categories of Taekwon-Do sparring;

Pre-Arranged Sparring (Yaksok Matsogi)

This is practiced (as the name suggests) under pre arranged modes, with various assumptions. For example: the number of steps to be taken, the target to be attacked and the attacking tool are to be agreed beforehand by the students. The primary emphasis should be on correct form.

Pre-arranged sparring is divided into the following categories;

3 Step Sparring (Sambo Matsogi)

Students will be assessed on their ability to form correct distance, timing and focus, using the correct blocking tools.

2 Step Sparring (Ibo Matsogi)

As 3-Step but a combination of hand & foot attack techniques are used.

1 Step Sparring (Ilbo Matsogi)

This sparring is considered the most important from the view that the ultimate goal of Taekwon-Do in real combat is to win victory with just a single blow.
Students will be assessed on their ability to deliver accurate, speedy and decisive blows at the opponent’s vital spots at the right time and with the right weapon while defending against the opponents attack effectively. For Black Belt gradings students may be asked to perform the basic attack (middle obverse punch from the right hand, followed by the left) or any hand attack (following the right – left format)

Model Sparring (Mobum Matsogi)

This is chiefly used for demonstration purposes but it is also very useful for students to see how techniques should be used, and if the techniques are actually the correct ones for the particular situation. Model Sparring is performed between two people, the moves will be agreed previously. The attacker and defender perform the demonstration in slow motion first then repeat the demonstration at normal speed.

Semi-Free Sparring (Ban-Jayu Matsogi)

This can per performed in numerous ways, i.e. one student making a series of attacks while the other defends and then counters. The number and type of attacking technique should be pre-arranged prior to commencing semi-free sparring. Students' should defend using guarding, dodging, and checking & parrying techniques.

Free Sparring (Jayu Matsogi) 

Students will be required to spar in a predetermined number of rounds. The number of rounds may vary slightly at the examiner’s discretion (e.g. an older adult with injuries may not physically be able to go as many rounds a 19 year old with no injuries) Sparring is an individual thing and each person spars differently to the next. The examiner gets to see what techniques a student favours and their ability to execute and score a technique. They can also judge a student’s fitness level and determination.

Foot Sparring (Bal Matsogi)

This is used to improve techniques by forcing the students to use their feet for both attack and defence. By limiting techniques to the feet, students are able to perfect the use. 

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