Taekwon-Do History

On April 11th, 1955, the name "Taekwon-Do" was officially adopted. It's founder,  General Choi Hong Hi developed the art using elements of the ancient Korean martial art of 'Taek Kyon' and of 'Shotokan karate', a martial art which he had learned while studying in Japan.

The philosophical values and the goals of Taekwon-Do are firmly rooted in the traditional moral culture of the Orient. On the technical side, defensive and offensive tactics are based on principles of physics, particularly Newton´s Law, which explains how to generate maximum force by increasing speed and mass during the execution of a movement.

Wanting to share the results of his philosophical reflections and his technical experiments, General Choi planned and wrote a unique reference work, the Encyclopedia of Taekwon-Do. In its fifteen volumes, he explained in detail the rules and practices of this art.

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