Health & Fitness

If you’ve tried exercise machines or don't fancy doing another aerobics class, you might want to consider putting a kick into your exercise routine with a martial arts class.

Besides being fun, the benefits of Martial Arts training are tremendous: Increased energy, self-confidence, mental capacity, and strength and stamina are amongst some of these.

Martial Arts classes can be extremely effective way to burn calories - up to as many as 800 per class!

Our classes combine the benefit of having a personal trainer with the fun & synergy of working out in a group.

Martial artists also report reduced stress levels, fewer physical injuries and illness, and a strengthened immune system.

Throughout their training students are supervised & taught the correct ways to maximise their exercise routine – working on the premise of “quality not quantity”.

We already have students from all walks of life with varying fitness levels. The great thing about the Martial Arts is that you are only competing against yourself.

It’s this individual focus that makes our classes an ideal activity to help you tone up and get in shape – improving steadily at YOUR OWN pace.

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